12 Things Successful Ecommerce Brands Have In Common

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The Internet has opened retailers up to an endless number of potential customers. However, it’s also created a great deal of competition in the field of retail. So, if you’re going to succeed as an Ecommerce business, you’re going to have to fine-tune your practices.

The question is: what should this fine-tuning involve? There are all sorts of things that successful Ecommerce companies do to optimize their revenue. That said, there are a select number of things that you must do well in order to succeed as an online business.

What are these things we speak of? We’re going to talk about them now. Here are 12 things successful Ecommerce brands have in common.

1. They Have Good Branding

One of the most important things for any brand to pursue is good branding. Branding is what familiarizes a brand with the public. It gives a brand its identity and makes it recognizable over time.

Without good branding, your business will just be seen as a random selling entity. Sure, some consumers might buy from you. However, they likely won’t remember you.

Plus, if you lack good branding, some consumers might not trust you. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you in the first place.

So, what is good branding, anyway? Its primary facets include the business’s name, logo, and color scheme. Slogans, catchphrases, and marketing devices are generally a big part of branding as well.

Pick a name that’s unique and memorable. Create a logo that’s simple but distinct. Choose a color scheme that’s pleasing to the eye, and then stick with it when creating all of your marketing materials.

It doesn’t matter as much what your branding is. It matters that you’re consistent with it. If you’re inconsistent with your branding, you’ll always struggle to catch on with consumers.

Need help with branding for your Ecommerce business? Give a call to a marketing agency. They’ll help you to establish a brand that’s attractive, memorable, and effective.

2. Their Websites Are Easy to Use

Not only is good branding necessary to have a successful Ecommerce business but so too is having an easy-to-use website. After all, your website is essentially your entire business. It’s the spot through which all of your business is done.

If it’s difficult to use, consumers are going to grow tired of it and move on to a different website. If it’s easy to use, consumers will likely enjoy their experience with it and come back for more.

Now, how do you create an easy-to-use website? First, make it simple. Don’t overload it with design elements; keep different design elements separated from one another.

Also, be sure to utilize plenty of calls to action. These are essentially instructions to consumers to partake in a specific action. For instance, under a product, you should include a button that says something to the effect of “Buy Now!”

For other info on building an effective Ecommerce website, read this!

3. They Use High-Quality Images of Their Products

Another thing that successful Ecommerce businesses do is use high-quality images of their products. In other words, they don’t use images that are blurry or pixelated. Their images are clear and detailed.

In fact, the most successful Ecommerce businesses hire professional photographers to photograph their products. These photographers understand lighting and angles and so are able to produce the best images possible.

Remember: your consumers aren’t able to hold your product in their hands before they buy it. Their only impression of it is an online image. So, if you want to optimize your chances of selling it, you’d better make sure that image is as attractive as possible.

4. Their Websites Are Secure

Not only is an easy-to-use website a priority for successful Ecommerce businesses but so too is a secure website. After all, your customers are going to be giving you sensitive financial information. They want to know that you and your website will handle it responsibly.

If you don’t handle it responsibly, and your customers’ financial information is stolen, your reputation will suffer mightily. You might even face legal troubles.

There is a lot that goes into making a website secure, especially when financial transactions are being made. At a minimum, you need to make sure your website has an SSL certificate.

However, you’ll also need to ensure that your transactions are encrypted. If you need help with this, you’re strongly advised to utilize the help of a professional web designer. They’ll not only ensure that your website is secure but they’ll also ensure it’s optimized for maximum customer convenience.

5. They Work With a Consultant

Running an Ecommerce business is stressful. Not only do you constantly need to monitor your website but you also need to create and ship your product. This is in addition to responsibilities like marketing and bookkeeping.

And then there’s the concept of growing and scaling your business. There’s the idea of incorporating new technologies. When all of this is put together, it can be incredibly overwhelming.

This is why the most successful Ecommerce companies with consultants. These consultants not only coach them on changes they can make to their businesses but they also provide them with step-by-step guidance, ensuring they’re always walking the correct path.

In essence, consultants handle the strategy side of running an Ecommerce business. You could attempt to handle this on your own. However, as your business gets bigger, it’s going to start to feel like an insurmountable responsibility.

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6. They Offer Excellent Customer Service

Buying a product through a website can feel like a cold and lifeless experience. It lacks humanity and, because of that, it can be difficult to trust. This is why it’s vital for Ecommerce brands to offer high-quality customer service.

Not only should your customers be able to easily access a representative of your business but they should also receive prompt responses. You don’t necessarily need to offer telecommunications (though it makes a seismic difference) but you do need to offer thorough and real-time correspondence.

You should also consider incorporating features like product tracking. Social media availability can make a difference as well.

7. They Engage in Email Marketing

Another big component in obtaining Ecommerce success is email marketing. This is a form of marketing wherein you send emails to past clients. These emails might contain anything from promotions to sales to thank-yous.

The point of email marketing is to retain past customers. It reminds past customers of your business’s existence and thus increases the chances that those customers do business with you once again.

Email marketing is generally facilitated through the use of email marketing software. This enables you to create mass emails and send them to thousands of customers at once. This software also allows for automation so that you can target customers by specific characteristics.

If you’re going to retain customers, email marketing is something you need to pursue. It’s a huge part of the equation.

8. Their Websites Are Fast

Perhaps the most important aspect of creating an Ecommerce website is making sure that the website is fast. If it’s not fast, and it takes a long time to load, it’s going to frustrate potential customers. Many of these customers will grow so frustrated that they’ll click off the website and go to another one.

You don’t want to lose customers this way. As such, you need to do everything in your power to optimize website load speed.

There are a number of strategies you can carry out to do this. For one, ensure that you’re using a good hosting provider. Your website will need a dedicated server, one with plenty of space.

In addition, make sure to minify code, minimize image file sizes, and cache data. All of these things will serve to increase your website’s load speed.

If you need help increasing the speed of your website, give a call to a professional web design firm. They’ll make changes to your website to ensure that it’s as fast as possible.

9. They Sell High-Quality Products

As you might expect, when it comes to selling retail, the quality of your product is of huge importance. Sure, you might be able to get away with selling a low-quality product for a while. However, consumers will eventually catch on, and thus stop doing business with you.

So, how do you ensure that you have a high-quality product? You’re going to have to do business with high-quality brands.

Yes, this might cost you a little more money. However, paying more now could very well pay dividends later. This is because reputable brands are sought after by consumers, and thus will convert sales for you.

10. They’re Active on Social Media

Social media is an extremely effective resource for online retailers. It enables them to reach countless potential customers while also enabling them to convey a brand personality. This helps Ecommerce companies to connect with customers on both an emotional and intellectual level.

This is why, if you’re running an Ecommerce company, you need to be on social media. Interacting on social media will spur business growth and help your company build a customer base over time.

From TikTok to Instagram to Facebook to Twitter and more, these social media platforms allow you to present all sorts of media. You could share marketing videos, post relevant statuses, and even interact with users on the platforms.

In the early stages, you could even find new customers for free. Once you’ve brought in a bit more revenue, you could pay for targeted ads. In any case, social media is one of the most effective marketing avenues available in the world today.

11. They Have a Niche

There are a few online retailers out there that can get away with selling products of all kinds. These include the likes of Walmart and Amazon. Let’s be honest: you’re not going to compete with Walmart and Amazon.

This is why, if you’re starting an Ecommerce website, you need to pick and pursue a specific niche. This way, you won’t have to compete against the big dogs. You’ll only have to compete against the other websites that are in your niche.

For instance, you might consider choosing the niche of camping. You might even niche down further and sell exclusively camping tents.

Regardless, you need to pick a niche. Then, as your business grows, you might be able to branch out to other types of products.

12. Their Websites Are Mobile-friendly

The last thing that successful Ecommerce websites have in common is that they are mobile-friendly. Their websites are just as easy to use on cellphones and tablets as they are on laptops and desktop computers.

This is important, as a large amount of web use is facilitated through mobile devices. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, potential customers are going to struggle to use it.

Need help making your website mobile-friendly? A web design company can help you. They’ll ensure that your website is optimized for efficient use on all types of devices.

Compete With Successful Ecommerce Brands By Heeding This Advice

If you want to compete with successful ecommerce brands around the world, you need to heed the advice above. Do what they do, and, with time, you’ll find that you’ve created a successful online business for yourself.

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