5 Common Car Accident Injuries and How Start Recovering

car accident injuries
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You never know when you might be involved in a car accident. It can be a terrifying experience being involved and you might feel helpless if you suffer a car accident injury.

If you’re the victim of a car accident, the impact of it can largely depend on several factors. Common car accident injuries can cause minor to severe physical and psychological injuries. How soon you start recovering will depend on your specific condition.

Keep reading as we cover the five most common car accident injuries and a guide on how you can recover.

1. Minor Car Accident Injuries

A type of car accident injury that may include mild to moderate damage to the victim. It can be whiplash, abrasions, bruises, fractures, and sprains.

These often do not require long recovery times and can usually heal on their own. But even if your car accident injury is minor, it is best to have access first by a medical professional or doctors.

Depending on the severity of the accident, symptoms like headaches, neck and back pain, or numbness/tingling may manifest. Be sure to get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activities that may aggravate the injury. If there is severe pain, take ibuprofen or another anti‐inflammatory to help reduce the swelling and ease discomfort.

Applying an ice pack, cold compress, or even a bag of frozen vegetables can also help to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Once the swelling is reduced, consider using a compression bandage to support the affected area and prevent further injury.

Many minor injuries can also benefit from physical therapy, like a chiropractor after a car accident. This may include stretching, strengthening exercises, and massage. It can ease the pain and speed up healing.

2. Internal Organ Damage

Depending on the level and nature of the impact, it can be more severe and dangerous for the victim of the car accident. Victims can suffer some level of internal organ damage, which can often include lacerations, ruptures, and organ failure.

Victims of internal organ damage may experience a wide range of symptoms, such as fever, pain, nausea and/or vomiting, lightheadedness, fainting, and confusion. If car accident victims experience any of these symptoms, immediate medical attention should be sought to get the necessary diagnosis and treatment.

The course of treatment often varies and may include medications, surgery, and rest. During recovery, it is best to follow the doctor’s instructions to ensure a quick and safe return to health.

3. Burning Injuries

This is also a common injury from car accidents. Victims often suffer second or third-degree burns. These types of burn injuries require immediate medical attention and can result in permanent scarring or disfigurement. Prompt first aid can prevent infection, minimize the risk of infection, and begin the process of healing.

To begin recovering from a burn injury, victims should first clean the wound with saline or mild soap and then carefully apply a sterile dressing.

If the burn is second or third-degree, seek medical help. Topical creams or ointments (in consultation with a medical professional) can also help with the healing process.

During recovery and healing, adequate rest, stress reduction, and a healthy diet are essential and should be pursued under the guidance of a physician. With the appropriate care, burn victims can return to their daily activities and have a successful recovery.

4. Spinal Cord and Back Injury Car Accident

This is the most common and serious car accident injury. It can cause partial or complete paralysis of the body below the injury, permanent organ or nerve damage, and chronic pain.

Depending on the severity of the injury, recovery might involve months or years of rehabilitation and therapy. Symptoms of spinal cord injury include loss of feeling, weakness, numbness in the arms or legs, difficulty while walking, difficulty while breathing, and loss of bowel or bladder control.

To avoid further damage, one needs preventative measures, such as immobilizing oneself on a backboard or in a neck brace. The help of physical, occupational, and recreational therapy is essential. It can help regain strength, balance, and coordination.

In addition, surgical treatments may be necessary to help the body heal correctly. Depending on the severity of the injury, medications may be needed to help restore function and relieve pain. Psychological support is also vital for people with spinal cord injuries, as it helps them to accept their condition and to develop a positive outlook on the future.

5. Head and Brain Injuries

These injuries can range in severity, from a mild concussion or closed head injury to a traumatic brain injury. A concussion usually results from a hard hit to the head and can cause balance, vision, and memory problems, as well as general difficulty thinking.

A closed head injury is usually a result of the violent movement of the head in a car accident. It can cause bruising, bleeding, or swelling of the brain.

Traumatic brain injury is the most severe head injury that often results in long-term injury or even death. Recovery from any head or brain injury typically has a multi-faceted approach. It involves physical, cognitive, and emotional support, as well as monitoring by healthcare professionals.

Physical therapy and balance training can help retrain motor skills, while occupational therapy can help build life skills. Cognitive rest is important to allow the brain time to heal, and counseling can help manage stress and emotional health.

All of these car accident injuries require recovery time. During the recovery process, it’s important to get plenty of rest and follow any medical advice given to the individual. It’s important to establish a strong support network of family and friends to help with the recovery process.

Once recovery is complete, pursuing legal options if the other party is at fault may be necessary to be financially reimbursed for medical costs as well as other losses. Having a car accident injury lawyer can also help protect rights and make sure the proper action is taken.

Be Informed Now

Always remember that accidents may happen at all times. It is important to know and recognize the severity of common car accident injuries, be attentive to your health, seek treatment, and practice self-care.

Take action now to become familiar with your coverage and options to help ensure a complete and speedy recovery. Establish a priority list of steps needed for a successful recovery to ensure you experience the full blessing of your health as quickly as possible. Keep Safe!

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