5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

water heater repair
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Do you live in a house that uses a water heater for heating? Do you find yourself in need of water heater repair?

Keeping your water heater in top shape is essential. Stay ahead of problems by watching for warning signs.

Some people wait too long to get their water heater repaired. Others roll the dice and hope everything is OK. Neither approach is wise.

Here are some common issues to watch for to determine if you need a repair.

1. Bad Smell

A foul smell is one of the most obvious signs of needing repair work. If you smell a sulfuric odor, it is typically a sign that your water is contaminated, which may require the removal of sediment or corrosion from the tank.

This odor indicates an issue with your water heater and could also indicate a gas leak. If you notice your water heater is making strange sounds, such as gurgling or humming, this could also be a sign you need repair work.

2. Unusual Sounds

If you hear loud banging noises when the water heater is operating, this could be caused by sediment buildup or broken elements. Additionally, if your water heater is whistling, this could signal a valve failure.

Finally, if you hear a cracking or popping noise from the water heater, this is likely due to a buildup of sediment being released. If you notice any of these unusual sounds coming from your water heater, it is likely time to call water heater services.

3. Lack of Hot Water

If you used to have hot water but now find that it’s not heating, or if it’s taking a long time to heat up, it’s time to call a professional plumber. Other signs that indicate the need for repair are unusual sounds from the heater, such as clunking, rumbling, or a burning smell (which could indicate a gas leak).

You may also notice discolored water from the hot tap or a leak coming from around the base of the heater. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call a qualified professional to inspect and diagnose the problem.

4. Rising Energy Costs

The rising energy cost can often indicate that it is time to look into water heater repair. If you notice a significant increase in energy bills for the same amount of hot water as before, it may be time for a repair. You may also see your energy bills rise due to an inefficient water heater, which can be caused by sediment buildup within the appliance.

5. Unexpected Leaks

Unexpected leaks are among the most common signs you may need water heater repair. If you notice any water dripping from your water heater, you may have a bigger problem.

Regardless of the severity or cause of the leak, it is essential to immediately reach out to a qualified professional for water heater repair to reduce further damage and potential health risks. To get rid of those water heater issues, find plumbers here.

Prioritize Water Heater Repair

Water heater repair is essential to keeping a family safe and comfortable. If you notice any signs needing repair, consulting an experienced professional is best. Don’t wait too long; contact a qualified specialist today to get your water heater into working order again.

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