7 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Look Out for This Year

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AI is taking over in a big way. In 2023, the Artificial Intelligence industry has a market worth $196.6 billion. By the year 2030, AI’s market revenue share could easily top $1.8 trillion!

But just what is artificial intelligence and what can it do for businesses and other industries in the near future? The use of AI is growing each day. This leads to new advancements and expanding artificial intelligence trends.

The chances are good that you may have already interacted with AI in some way. Around 77% of the devices we already use in our everyday lives are infused with some form of AI technology. AI is a major component in many different areas of technology from customer service chatbots to smart home assistants and even self-driving cars.

Want to know more about AI and artificial intelligence in business? Keep reading below for 7 artificial intelligence trends to expect in 2023 and beyond.

1. Increases in Generative AI Content

Generative AI content is one of the hot new artificial intelligence trends making the rounds on social media. You’ve probably seen friends and family sharing computer-generated photos of themselves as famous historical figures, superheroes, or other pop culture references from DALL-E and Midjourney.

There has also been a focus on AI language models like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard service. These innovative artificial intelligence systems use prompts to engage in conversations with users. They can answer questions, help solve mathematical questions, and generate written content like songs and stories.

There are some concerns over generative AI programs creating offensive or heavily biased content. Copyright, privacy, and security concerns are also issues posed by AI-generated content. However, as technology trends improve, these challenges will likely be addressed as well.

2. AI Customer Service Shopping Experiences

Artificial intelligence trends are also greatly impacting the areas of customer service. By the year 2025, it is estimated that nearly 95% of customer service interactions will be assisted by AI, accounting for 19 out of every 20.

AI chatbots can already assist customers with many automated needs such as updating them on their order status and looking up past purchases. AI can also suggest other items based on previous shopping habits.

Artificial intelligence in business can help brands retain more customers through the use of integrated customer service. It leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction as well since there is always an AI agent available to answer questions 24/7.

3. Democratized AI

Democratized AI, in simpler terms, allows businesses and other organizations with little to no knowledge of AI programming to access and build their own AI systems.

What was once a complex, cost-restrictive, and exclusive to big high-tech firms is now becoming a user-friendly, affordable, and more available system to businesses and users of all kinds.

With democratized AI, it is now possible to build AI systems in much the same way as apps and websites. These systems work on a low-code or no-code development basis, thanks to advancing artificial intelligence trends.

Some AI systems have even implemented the use of drag-and-drop functionality or pre-existing templates. This helps to speed up the integration and deployment process.

4. Enhanced Cybersecurity with AI

With a growing number of technology trends also comes an influx of security concerns. Hackers and malware programs are becoming more advanced in their methods for infiltrating our devices. This can potentially expose sensitive information to data breaches.

AI-backed cybersecurity can help find weaknesses in security infrastructures. It can keep a constant watch and update for any new security threats. This AI system can also identify threats and alert users before an attack happens.

For more great information on artificial intelligence trends in cybersecurity, you should read “Interfaces in Cybersecurity” by Regina Grogan, AI researcher and public speaker.

5. Adaptive AI

Traditional AI can process new information but it can’t learn from it. Traditional AI also needs to have set rules and algorithms to follow from a fixed data set. This makes it very rigid and can result in errors if the AI does not fully understand the prompts.

In the world of artificial intelligence trends, Adaptive AI programs are especially beneficial. They are not restricted by the same rules as a fixed AI system. Adaptive AI learns from the data it generates in order to become a better system over time.

Adaptive AI evolves its own system and code. It is able to adapt to real-world changes on its own. This makes artificial intelligence in business a powerful tool and ally.

6. Collaborative Human and AI Efforts

The influence of AI has many worried that their jobs are at stake. That human workers will be made obsolete in favor of artificial intelligence programs. But it is possible for AI and human workers to work side by side.

AI focuses on doing more of the repetitive tasks that can benefit from machine automation. This leaves human workers to concentrate on more specialized tasks.

The further development of AI also depends on humans going into artificial intelligence careers. AI systems rely on human programmers. These artificial intelligence jobs, done by real humans, allow artificial intelligence trends to grow and change.

7. AI in Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic threw many healthcare professionals and hospitals for a loop. But artificial intelligence trends in the healthcare industry allowed them to close the gap on care setbacks safely via remote visits. Telehealth devices allow doctors to monitor and track patient vitals with AI technology.

AI is still being put to good use through improvements in the healthcare industry. In the near future, AI systems will be able to offer tailored treatment plans for patients. It will also be able to use targeted diagnostics and drug development to facilitate remote exams.

AI is already being used to optimize patient records electronically and run clinical trials.

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Current artificial intelligence trends are poised to take on an even bigger role in the coming years. AI is far from perfect and it is still under heavy development and refinement. However, AI technology has proven itself to be a resourceful tool.

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