7 Easy Steps to Create a Dating Application

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We all secretly desire to meet our true soul mate with whom we can spend the rest of our lives. However, due to our busy schedule, meeting someone in the park, cafe or any other public places has become very difficult. In such a situation, the dating app is the best way to connect with somebody who has matching similarities, is compatible, and shares mutual sympathy.

It does not matter whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term relationship; the dating app has you covered. Modern dating apps with accurate algorithms boosted through artificial intelligence provide good matching solutions. A great dating app is a highly profitable investment for you and a great place for people to find a match. 

So whether you are planning to create a dating app from scratch or want to build an app like any popular dating app in the market, you can consider the steps given this post:

Create a dating app in 7 easy steps

Follow these steps to build a feature-rich and scalable dating app:

Study the competition

The dating app market is extremely crowded. To succeed in this cutthroat competition you should study the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. This study will help you to identify the points that have made these dating apps a success or failure. You should closely study their features to find out what are the things that they are doing differently. Try to draw inspiration from this information and ensure that you do not repeat the mistakes these apps have made.

Validating the idea

You must validate your idea before you start designing a dating app. You should research the pain points of the dating app users in the market. Find out about the current dating habit of the users and how your dating app would offer a viable solution for their specific needs. While validating the idea you must find out about both the male as well as female perspectives, so that the app can cater to the needs of a broader audience.

Create an app structure and design

Once you have done the research about various features of your competitors and validated your idea, the next step is to create a robust app structure and design. In this step, you have to first identify your target audience (it could be millennials, LGBT community or general users). Based on the profile of your target audience, the next step is to find a catchy name for your dating app that people can easily remember and relate to a dating service. An amazing UI/UX design is very important to make sure that the users feel good while using the app. Use bright colours in the design with special emphasis on ease of use.

Matching algorithm

The success and failure of your app would depend a great deal on the algorithm you have designed to match people on your dating app. You can follow the latest trend and use artificial intelligence to match people based on various criteria like language, hobbies, location, religion et cetera. You must offer various filters in the dating app so that the algorithm of your app can narrow the search result and offer good matches for every individual.

Special emphasis on security

Dating apps contain a huge amount of data of your users, including their addresses, photos, contact numbers and many more. It is therefore important that you should provide a foolproof security system for your users. The app should have multiple authentication steps either through social media or through phone number verification to ensure that the individual who is joining your app is the legitimate user and not someone who is pretending to be someone else. This will create greater trust about your app in the mind of the users that in turn will enhance their experience while using your app.


Your app in addition to unique and desirable user experience should be easy to use and the user could find their soulmates without much hassle. Some of the important features that your app must have include signing through the user’s social media account, an extensive user profile, geolocation service, push notification, chatting option, swiping left, or right to accept or reject et cetera. You should continuously stay updated regarding any new features that are finding favour with the users and try to include the same in your dating app to improve the user experience and ensure the loyalty of your users.

The tech stack

To make a dating app you should be thoroughly familiar with the main tools that are used to create such an app. Here we are giving you examples of some tools that are used for some specific task in dating app development.

·         Programming language – Swift and Java.

·         Framework – Node JS, Express JS, Next JS.

·         Database – PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

·         Cloud storage – Amazon S3.

·         Web servers – Nginx.

·         Payment gateway – PayPal.

·         General utilities – Google Analytics, Google Maps, etc.

This set can be extended as per the requirement of your customers.


Finding the true love of your life is not easy, but with the dating app, this journey becomes much easier. If you are planning to develop a dating app, but have not decided how to do it, then you should contact a reputable dating app development company. And if you already have an idea about what kind of dating app you want to create, then you can share it with us and we will help you create the app that you have dreamt about.

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