The Best 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

4th wedding anniversary
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Did you know that over two million weddings took place each year between 2009 through 2019? If you’re one of the millions of couples who got married in 2019, you probably have a 4th wedding anniversary celebration coming up this year!

If you’re having trouble finding the right gift for your spouse, you might find some inspiration in this guide. Keep reading to learn more.

Choose Flower Delivery

Flowers in full bloom are a romantic choice to give your spouse for your wedding anniversary. While flowers are beautiful, they also symbolize something more meaningful. Flowers represent the blossoming and growth in your relationship over the last four years.

Choose the perfect anniversary flowers online and get them delivered to your door the same day. You can also add a delicious fruit arrangement your spouse will love.

Cocktail Set

If your spouse is always excited to try new drinks at the bar or loves making interesting concoctions at home, they’ll love receiving a cocktail set as an anniversary gift. Choose a set that has a variety of flavored syrups that you can pair with some of the alcohol you have at home.

You might also want to choose a set that comes with a recipe book for different cocktails. This is a great way to discover drinks you might not have considered otherwise.

New Espresso Machine

Once you’ve reached the four-year mark, you might struggle to find new gift ideas for your spouse. If you both have a busy work schedule, you might want to consider adding something new to your morning routine.

An espresso machine is a great gift idea if your spouse takes their morning of cup joe seriously. Most espresso machines come equipped with timers so you can set up the machine to make your morning coffee right when you wake up.

Save your spouse a drive to the coffee shop each morning and enjoy that time together before starting your day.

Choose Jewelry for a Classic Gift

If you’re thinking about more traditional anniversary gifts, you can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry. You can choose the stone that symbolizes the 4th wedding anniversary, the blue topaz.

You can also choose another stone if your spouse has a preference for something else. A new gold or silver necklace or bracelet makes for the perfect anniversary gift.

Charcuterie Set With Fruit Jams

Continuing with the 4th wedding anniversary theme of fruits and flowers, you can pick up a charcuterie board set including a variety of fruit jams. You can purchase a set with all of the ingredients or purchase them all separately.

You might prefer to purchase an engraved charcuterie board for a more romantic gesture. You can buy your spouse’s favorite jams, cheeses, and meats separately, and you’ll be ready for a romantic picnic for two.

Rose Scented Candles

Candles might seem like a simple choice, but they’re the perfect anniversary gift for any candle aficionado. Rose-scented candles are a great choice to keep with the flower theme, and they’re great for setting up a romantic ambiance for a date night at home.

Candles are also great for setting the ambiance for a self-care day at home for your spouse. They keep your home smelling sweet all day long as well.

Consider Gifting an Experience

If you’re looking for a more unique anniversary gift for your spouse, you can always consider gifting them an experience. This can be something as simple as a day trip to a nearby city you’ve never visited or a two-week vacation to another country.

You can also choose a paint and wine date night, book a day at the spa, or set up a sky diving session. The experience you choose will depend on what your spouse enjoys best. Any of these experiences would make a great anniversary gift.

Wine Subscription

A wine subscription is another unique anniversary gift your spouse will love. If your partner enjoys sipping on a glass of wine with dinner or as a way to relax after work, this is the perfect gift for them.

The great thing about a wine subscription is that you can order your favorites or try a variety of new wines you wouldn’t have thought to purchase otherwise. You’ll receive a new box of wines at your door every month, so your spouse can enjoy this gift all year long.

A Linen Gift

Linen is another popular gift for the 4th wedding anniversary. You can choose a new set of linen sheets if your spouse has been looking to upgrade the look of your bedroom.

Decorative linen pillows are another great option if your partner wants to create a new look throughout the home. Linen clothing is another option to consider. Linen is a soft and breathable fabric great for wearing during a summer vacation to the beach.

A Pasta Machine

Does your partner love Italian food? If they do, you should consider a pasta machine as an anniversary gift. There’s nothing better than homemade pasta and this is an activity you can do together.

Cooking with your partner is a great way to spend quality time together.

Choose From These 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

There are many options to choose from for your 4th wedding anniversary gift. Consider ordering flowers for your spouse or booking a trip for the weekend.

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