Best Christmas Gifts For The Loved Loved Ones In 2020

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Christmas is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Lord Jesus. It is to celebrate the joy of togetherness and blessings. While we think of Christmas what do we first envision? Most of us have this vision of Santa Claus, Christmas tree, baked cookies, and cakes, houses shining bright with the light decorations, and children singing Carols. Apart from all this one eminent tradition, every Christmas in every household is the exchanging of gifts. Gifts are a very important part of Christmas celebrations. It is the day we put out thoughts together to think of what matters the most to everyone in our lives and what might make them happy.

Christmas Special Cake As A Delicacy

For instance, let me elaborate five best gifts that I have shared with my loved ones during the Christmas celebration. The first gift, I would like to add in this list is the one I gifted to my mother on Christmas in the year 2008 was a beautiful dress. Now, most people will think of it as a very basic gift but the catch here was that the dress was from my first salary and that’s what made my mother love it to the core. Sometimes it’s not what gift you choose but the story behind it that makes it special. The second gift was when I bought a Christmas cake for my brother. The day before that we had a huge fight because of which we were not on talking terms. But the cake was just the right essence to mend all the cracks that were made due to fighting.

Eye Pleasing Beautiful Flowers As A Christmas Gift

The third one is a very simple and sober gift that I gifted to a very dear friend of mine who stays in Bangalore. Due to very busy schedules these days it might not always be possible to keep up with long lost friends. It can be because of a lot of reasons such as your studies or even your job. After a very long time of not being able to contact that friend, I sent him a flower delivery in mumbai with a beautiful friendship note that had all our memories written over it. Thanks to the internet these days it is very easy for anyone to send such gifts online. I just typed cheap online flower delivery in Bangalore and there I had it a huge list of options I could choose from.

Gift Something That Speaks To Their Emotions

I have always been told that the best gift might not always be the most expensive one. It should be the one that speaks to the emotions and the heart of the other person. Even though I have gifted many people some expensive stuff as well but they were the gifts that were very close to the heart for the other person. Let’s count on a few of the expensive gifts that I have presented to people very close to me.

A Watch Is A Timeless Masterpiece

One of my younger sisters who is the closest to me had this watch in mind for a very long time. Once while she was showing me pictures of a random event I came across few screenshots of that watch and when I asked her about it she said that she wanted to get the watch and was saving money for it. That Christmas I bought her that watch and asked her to use the money saved on a better option.

Help Your Loved Ones Discover Their Passions With Your Gift

The last gift that I want to mention in this list is the priciest one. A friend of mine was not from a very well to do family but she had a zeal for software development. She always used to use my laptop to explore how websites or applications were made. While she had a laptop in her hand her eyes glued to the coding tutorials. I used to get decent money while I was in my college as I was in Hostel away from home and so not just me but three of my friends as well added up money to get her a laptop and not to mention our gift paid up while she was placed in one of the topmost software development company.

I would like to sum it up by highlighting that in today’s busy schedules it might not always be possible to keep in continuous contact with someone who is very near to our heart. This is where Christmas plays a part. So that you can all come together and celebrate the joy of Christmas and the joy of blessings that God has showered us with throughout the year. So reach out to everyone who is extremely close to you and surprise them with gifts and treats this Christmas and we assure you the bond between you two will grow extremely strong and healthy.

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