Best Driver Updater Software for Windows in 2021

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Every PC needs a smart driver updater in their system because these drivers help with communication between hardware and operating system very easily. Honestly, you cannot perform anything on your computer properly without having a driver updater for Windows 11. When these drivers are outdated or corrupt then there is a chance of negative performance, ultimately leading to inefficient working time. However, if you have one of the best driver updater ready, you are free from all the negativities instantly. Here is the list of best driver updaters for you to pick the right one.

Best Driver Updater for Windows 10

Smart Driver Care

smart driver care

Coming with user friendly features in its lap, this driver updater is an overall one click solution for updating your drivers. It is an outstanding driver updater as it automatically detects outdated and missing drivers and even updates them. You would notice the improved performance of the system. It even takes backup of installed drivers before updating to new one so that you can roll back to original one if required. Get ready for a trial and then you can download it in your system instantly.

Advanced Driver Updater

advance driver care

This driver updater is one of the most exciting tools to notice as it helps in backing up and restoring your device drivers very easily. You can choose to scan the whole system which ultimately finds out all the out of date drivers and they can be scheduled to be updated. In fact, you can also find corrupted drivers and one click can do all the job for you immediately. Although there is a free version available too, it has only limited features and cannot perform all the functions as you might be expecting.

WinZip Driver Updater


With the option to deep scan the whole drive properly, this driver updater is easy to manage the detection of old drivers, remove them and install new ones. Although the driver backup manager makes sure that your old drivers are kept settled in the tool for rolling back. It takes the updates from the manufacturer’s website and all the backups can be arranged by date as well. However, you can’t find advanced features over here and this may allow only those users to download the tool who wants to have a direct installation of new drivers away frm outdated ones.

Driver Easy


Completely lying in everyone’s budget, this driver updater is all you need to update all the outdated drivers. Moreover, you don’t need to put your system for scanning every now and then and just schedule it for automatic detection. It makes sure that your work is not hindered on the system and the scheduler will later ping you about unwanted drivers. Although you can expect some ads in the free version, it is still one of the most easy tools to use, detect outdated drivers and download the recent ones. Take a free trial today and buy the premium one for a complete process upgrade.

Driver Booster


Driver Easy has such an intuitive interface that any new user can start using it immediately right after its launch without asking for anyone’s help. It even offers a chance to update gaming components so that the PC remains well-structured and optimized for game lovers. It even fixes issues detected in Windows and has a large database of driver updates. Moreover, it is pocket friendly for everyone out there. However, you can’t find automatic driver updates here which may require you to open up the software one and again for driver updates.

Driver Reviver


Driver Reviver is another one of the best tools to update your driver which is outdated or corrupt and not working for a very long time. It helps in optimizing the system as well because all the drivers are updated to the latest version and even offers a chance for automatic scanning in a much better way. As soon as installed, an automatic scan will be performed and the list of faulty drivers will be mentioned over here. All you have to do is update the drivers and your system will begin functioning very well.


We hope that you have already found out ways to update your driver already amidst the list of best driver updater mentioned above. If you ask us, we suggest you try Smart Driver Care as well as Advanced Driver Updater as they are very easy to use and have a smart interface to work upon. Share your experience with your favorite driver in the comments section below and suggest more if you like.

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