How to Get the Top 10 Best SEO Tools Free of Charge

best seo tools free
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It’s well known that businesses must incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into their search advertising. It generates new leads, a high return on investment (ROI), and is cost-effective when you do it right.

SEO techniques help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), but optimization can be costly. High-end SEO tools come with a price, but some of the best SEO tools are free. That’s right. You can use many free SEO tools to improve your site without spending a dime.

Whether you are new to SEO or have a few years of experience, keeping your toolbox up-to-date is essential. Here are our top 10 free SEO tools your business should try.

1. Best SEO Tools for Free: Seed Keywords

Keyword research is all about figuring out what people are searching for to figure out how to solve a problem. For instance, you have a website that sells women’s clothing. Someone searching Google might look for “the best websites for women’s clothing.”

This search phrase will provide generic results. That’s where small Seo tools like Seed Keywords come into play.

Seed Keywords aims to make it possible for people to imagine a scenario like the one above and create relevant keywords unique to your business.

You’ll receive a URL that you can share with people. The link contains a question asking what words or phrases they would use to associate your business with the phrase you’ve provided. Their answers will help you create keywords.

2. SEObility

If you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO auditing tool, check out SEObility.

It’s a free SEO tool that can crawl your website for SEO problems and advise you on improving your content. Plus, it can show you where your top keywords rank in different places and on different devices.

It’s also a great tool for analyzing your competitors. With SEObility, you can see how similar sites rank for the same keywords and the exact optimization tactics they use to gain success. SEObility provides the info in a colorful PDF report to all users, including those using their free services.

3. Rank Math

This free SEO tool is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. It sits next to the WordPress editor, so you can see the suggested improvements and make changes. You can use the AI assistant to suggest content improvements while writing.

The tool also comes with advanced snippet previews to see what your content looks like in SERPs and social media. You can track your SEO performance and see how it stacks up against competitors. The tool gives you the edge to get that coveted position right under or next to the search bar before even ads show up.

Rank Math is designed for people who love to juggle multiple SEO tasks in one tool and like to focus on Rich snippet styles in their SEO strategy.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends tells you what’s trending at the moment. It also indicates whether an industry is seeing a decrease in search volume or an increase over time. You can filter your data by country or view it globally.

This knowledge helps guide SEO advertising and lets you know when it’s time to adjust SEO strategies.


You may have noticed that Google hides its search volume for Adwords until you start paying for its Keyword Planner. Instead of showing you the exact number, Google only gives you ranges.

Google may eventually restrict the data to the search volume ranges of all Keyword Planner users. has created a method to measure the search volume using tools they’ve created and data purchased from third parties.

Their goal is to give keyword search volume to users who don’t have a Google Adwords account and for a time in the future where SEO strategies won’t include Google-generated data.

6. SEOPresser

Business owners have a lot to do, so it’s important to go to SEO basics to save time. Coming up with titles that will stand out and grab your readers’ attention is crucial. Whether it’s a magazine article or blog, SEOPressor will find great titles to meet your readers’ needs and engage them in your content.

The goal of SEOPressor is to get as close to the way Google ranks results as possible. All you have to do is make your content interesting and captivating. SEOPressor will let you know about optimization opportunities.

7. Grammarly

To get a good ranking on Google, you must ensure your blog posts are typos-free. Not only can typos ruin your readers’ experience, but they can also make your content less credible and less likely to convert. That’s why it’s so important to use Grammarly to help you avoid typos.

8. AnswerThePublic

Type in a keyword or a URL, and AnswerThePublic provides relevant keyword ideas in phrases and questions. These can be used as headers in your blog posts and FAQ pages. You can also download a CSV with keywords or check out the visual analysis tool.

9. SemRush SEO Writing Assistant

Get real-time insights based on your keyword’s top-ranking competitors.
Optimize your text with add-ons in Google Docs, WordPress, or MS Word365.

You can also automate editing and receive instant, detailed advice on enhancing each piece of content.

10. Synup Listing Scan

Synup’s Listing Scan is a free SEO tool that looks at your local listing profile. All you have to do is type in some basic info, and it’ll run a scan of your digital presence. It’ll check out your Google listing and any third-party sites like Yelp or your local Chamber of Commerce.

Plus, you’ll get to see your reputation through reviews.

Are You Ready to Up Your SEO Skills?

The best SEO tools are free, even if they have limited capabilities. Providers allow you to test which tools you like the most for your SEO strategies. You can always upgrade to a paid plan to access more features.

We hope you found this article useful and will continue to browse our site for more great content.

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