Confluence Software; Five Top Features to Know

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Confluence Software

Confluence software really has made a name for itself in the last few years. In this piece, we will be giving you a rundown of all the features in Confluence which make it so great. But before we tell you about the software’s features, we want to tell you about the software itself. The software has been around for a while and has been appreciated by users all over the world. There are hundreds of Confluence reviews online that attest to the software’s merits. 

In this piece, we will be going over everything you need to know about Confluence software before you come to a decision about the software. From information about the features in this software to Confluence pricing and more. We will tell you everything that you need about the software before making a decision about whether this software is right for you. 

Confluence Software Features

Templates Made Easy 

The first feature in this software that we want to mention is the templates feature. The feature helps you to make things simpler for yourself because it allows you access to a feature that has pre-made templates within it. This feature allows you to choose a template that suits your needs best and then uses it for your projects. You can use the templates as you please, even making customizations to them so that they suit your needs more specifically. All in all, this feature really allows you to simplify project planning and helps you to make it easier to plan everything for yourself! 

Comments and Feedback

The comments feature really helps keep everyone on the same page when it comes to executing a project. With this feature, you are able to leave comments on tasks uploaded by your colleagues and teammates and make notes, feedback, and changes to them as required. This feature cancels out the need for a meeting wherein you need to discuss the changes that need to be made and give feedback. You can also leave comments later on after the initial ones have been addressed and tag the relevant person in the comment. This really helps things and allows streamlined communication for everyone on the team to be on the same page. 


The next feature we want to talk about is the analytics feature which keeps an unbiased and critical eye on your work. This feature helps you to keep things simple by giving you automated reports from the software about you and your team’s performance on any given project. This feature helps you to ensure that you are able to track progress so you know whether you are on time and will be able to complete the entire project on schedule. Having an unbiased eye on your progress really helps streamline work and allows for you to get work done on time as a result! 


Another feature that does not get enough recognition for the great results it brings is the notifications feature. This feature sends you and your team notifications about any time you are tagged in a comment when a deadline is approaching or just any given reminder. This feature helps you to make sure that you do not submit a task late because you forgot the deadline or something similar. Being able to keep on track of all your deadlines, comments related to you and your work really allows you to be a model employee and in the end, makes sure that you complete your project on time! 

Version History 

The final feature we feel the need to mention because of its ingenuity is the version history feature. This feature really allows you to sit back and relax because all the work that you upload and do on Confluence software remains stored on it even when changes are made. You can revert back to older versions of the project which in turn helps you to have a safe landing of sorts. In case you make changes that are not approved or appreciated, you can simply revert back to the older version of the project and go back to the proverbial dashboard. 

Confluence Pricing 

Now we want to address a major aspect of whether or not you will be buying this software; pricing. Confluence pricing is tiered and depends on the version of the software you choose. The cheapest version is $10 and the most expensive version which allows access to all the features Confluence software has to offer costs $30. 

The software is ideal for companies that are smaller to mid-sized because it was built keeping them in mind! 

Is Confluence Right for Your Needs as a Business

Now whether or not Confluence software is right for you completely depends on what your needs from software are. We always suggest that people make a list of ideal features they would want in a software and then compare that list to the software they are considering to know they are going to get their amounts of money worth and will not face disappointment or even anger later on when the software does not deliver in some aspect. 

We also suggest you read user reviews for the software. User reviews from companies and people who have used the software for a number of years give you a perspective of what it will be like using the software in the future. This helps you come to a conclusion about whether the software will be right for you in the long run. 

And of course, a Confluence demo will help you to figure out whether or not the software is right for you from a firsthand perspective. A trial or Confluence demo will help you see a firsthand perspective of the software so that you know whether it is right for you! 


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