Consider These Points Before Availing a Health Insurance

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According to the international health organization- WHO, India ranks very high in the number of premature deaths due to non-communicable diseases. According to the report, India accounts for 60% of deaths from non-communicable diseases across the globe. This is a result of high pollution levels, poor eating, and living habits which have a direct or indirect impact on the entire population of the country. The solution is health insurance plans.

Looking at the above state of health conditions in the country and the rising healthcare expenses, several investment experts advise that people must invest in health insurance plans that cover all the financial needs in case of a medical condition or emergency. Also, to provide equal health facilities to the large population of the country, health insurance covers are seen as an easy, money-saving, and feasible solution for all.  

But till the health infrastructure is streamlined by the government, all of us must procure a health insurance plan that provides financial security for our medical needs. However, it is important to know which policy to avail for maximum benefits.

Consider These Points Before Availing a Health Insurance

  1. Claim process- Before buying the plan ensure that the claim process offered by the insurer is easy and hassle-free. Additionally, it is good to go for an insurance company that has a high claim settlement ratio. This helps you in ensuring that your claims will be easily settled. Also, look for add-on benefits provided by the insurer.
  2. Choose a health insurance plans based on your needs- You can choose a health insurance plan based on what your needs are, such as-
  • Individual Health Insurance Cover for a single person.
  • Family Health Insurance Plan for you and your family i.e., your spouse and children.
  • Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan for availing high sum insured in case of severe illnesses such as cancer, tumors, heart diseases, liver problems, etc.
  • Senior Citizens Health Insurance Plan for your parents who fall above the aged of 60 years. It helps in covering for ailments that are high cost and helps in making your parents feel self-dependent.

Other than these various other health insurance covers cater to specific needs of the individuals. All the above are provided under Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Plans. You can visit Baja Finserv’s website to know more.

  1. Covers extensive benefits– It is very important that your health insurance plan covers pre-and-post hospitalization costs, ambulance costs, provides cashless treatments, offers No Claim Bonus, etc. All these benefits make your insurance plan comprehensive and minimize the need for you to pay for any medical costs.
  2. Free medical checkups- Medical checkups are the best way to know about an ailment in time. But several people avoid going for medical checkups due to the cost incurred. But with a health insurance cover that offers free medical check-ups, you can always keep a tab of your health without incurring extra cost.
  3. Lifetime Renewal– Make sure your insurance provider offers lifetime renewal for you to get maximum benefits even at an older age. Continuing your insurance plan with the same insurance provider has high long-term benefits, which you must not let go of. For instance, it helps in availing a policy with a waiting period at an older age easily.

Also, it is interesting to know that having an insurance cover can help you save as it provides provisions for tax exemption under Section 80D of the income tax act. The above points highlight how health insurance plans can be a savior on a day when you may be caught in the turmoil of medical expenses. Apply for health insurance for the safety of your family and you too as this time is not great for the country to protect yourself and your family. 

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