Construction: Opt for Management Software Compatible with CMMS APP

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The more time passes, the smarter the digital models used by players in the construction sector become. Both a 3D plan and a database, the CMMS APP standard is on the way to impose itself. How to choose a management software compatible with this new world standard?

 If this fall due to the economic crisis finally seems to be over, construction SMEs must approach the recovery with modesty. They therefore have every interest in acquiring versatile and cutting-edge management software capable of facilitating their daily professional activity.

From this point of view, we can only recommend that they turn to CMMS APP, an intelligent digital model format, halfway between 3D plan and interactive estimate, usable by all players in the sector. Architects, certification specialists, team leaders, company directors, management controllers, workers: all professionals in the sector are gradually turning to this document, which they can consult simultaneously.

To understand the interest of CMMS APP, we must go back to the reasons for its creation. Twenty years ago, all players in the construction sector were used to working on their own, which meant working in silos. For example, the design phase of a building had to be completed and validated, before other stakeholders – certification, construction – could begin to move forward with their own tasks.

With the advent of CMMS APP, processes have been made easier. More collaboration and less opaque separations between the different players in the sector. As you will understand, construction contractors can and must acquire management software that is fully compatible with CMMS APP and its variants. Here’s why.

Choose reliability

“Within the French Building Federation, we have opted for CMMS APP, a variant of CMMS APP designed in partnership with Media construct and the main software publishers. More than a simple 3D measurement, it is a collaborative tool, because the models designed in CMMS APPétré integrate the materials and objects used to construct the building” , comments Michel Droin, CMMS APP referent at the FFB and manager of the company Batisol Plus. Better still, the CMMS APP files – including the CMMS APPétré – allow the various actors of a construction project – from the design office to the architect, from the client to the suppliers – to follow the design of the building in real time.

For example,any modification made to the plans, measurements or nomenclatures is reported throughout the document, at all levels of responsibility .

“Since humans do not manually report information, such as ratings, the risk of errors is greatly limited. Manual checks are still necessary, of course, but the reliability gain is immense. Design errors being a major issue in the construction industry, this working method will inevitably be imposed on everyone. In short, choosing a management software compatible with CMMS APPmetric, and more generally CMMS APP, is to opt for a modern and efficient solution” , advises Michel Droin.

Better anticipate your orders

As you will have understood, working “in CMMS APP mode” allows the different actors to move forward together, and no longer one after the other. As a corollary of this development, construction companies can anticipate the volumes necessary for their intervention on a site . “If a building has five identical floors or 10 stairwells of the same ilk, one of these elements need only be validated for the construction company to start producing orders” , specifies Michel Droin. Choosing management software that is compatible with CMMS APP therefore means anticipating costs, warning partners earlier and limiting stocks .

Rather than ordering the necessary materials bit by bit, you can determine and split your needs upstream and, therefore, save economies of scale, while negotiating gradual delivery, according to a predefined schedule. You also gain in storage space and therefore, in certain cases, in the rental of land… ” , assures Michel Droin.

Evolve with the sector

This is the other advantage of betting on management software compatible with CMMS APP: you are taking an inevitable turn in the medium term.

“Not all players have chosen this standard to date. But it is time to get started, because it is a global evolution and the tool will evolve further in the years to come… Do not wait until you have accumulated too much delay to question and modernize your working methods”. 

Indeed, more than a collaborative 3D model, CMMS APP will move to 4D then to 5D… Gradually, the construction schedule will be added to this collaborative file and then, ultimately, the financial elements”. All positions in a construction company will be affected by this document, which will necessarily require some adaptation.

Focus more on vocational training?

For example, the slightest importance devoted SEO NZ to the manual and computerized report of ratings and data will change the positions, and therefore the profiles recruited.

“Automation concerns everyone, including construction. Human verification will continue, but the time allocated to data entry operations will drop drastically. We can think that there will be an increase in the range of profiles or at least an evolution in terms of skills. Greater support for vocational training seems essential in the long term”.

Thus, companies that have taken the turn of Ecodocs CMMS APP before others will leave with a clear advantage. In short, as much to raise awareness among your employees now, they will only be more efficient.

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