5 Places You Can Get Exclusive Leads From

exclusive leads
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Digital ad spending for lead generation is going to reach $201 billion by 2023. Companies spend more and more money on lead generation strategies, but they don’t reap the best results.

They try everything to generate leads and nothing seems to live up to expectations. That’s because they’re not looking for exclusive leads.

Exclusive leads are leads that are exclusive to one person or company. With other lead generation methods, they’re often shared with other companies.

There isn’t a guarantee that the lead’s been contacted by five other companies. That makes relationship-building and selling a challenge.

How can you find new leads for your business? Read on to find out.

1. Current and Former Clients

Current and former clients are a great source for exclusive leads. There’s a very good chance that they encounter many people throughout the day.

These people are thinking about your product or service, but they haven’t had time to research companies. They may ask people in their network for recommendations.

Your current and former clients can vouch for your business. Let them know that you’re always seeking new people to help. They’ll be happy to make an introduction.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a top source for B2B leads. You can use Sales Navigator to prospect leads and create conversations directly with prospects.

You’ll have a way to find decision-makers and get around gatekeepers. Just be prepared to provide value.

Most people go for the hard sell on LinkedIn. It’s the fastest way to sour a relationship with a prospect.

3. Lead Companies

Lead companies are one of the best sources of exclusive leads. You can shorten the sales process by buying exclusive telemarketing leads for your niche.

When you work with lead companies, be sure to check the quality of the leads. You’ll always keep your pipeline full.

4. Trade Shows

Trade shows present a way to build brand awareness and get in front of thousands of prospects in one place. They’re receptive to engaging with companies.

Successful trade shows require careful planning. You’ll get the best booth location and the best opportunity to interact with prospects and leads.

5. Social Media

Lead generation on social media is more than posting a video of your dog. There’s a chance to connect with people if you know how to leverage the platforms.

On Facebook, join groups that are relevant to your audience. You might join caregiver groups if you sell end-of-life insurance. You can post information that’s relevant to them. Don’t sell your insurance, that’s the fastest way to get kicked out of groups.

Find ways to provide value. Host a webinar on an important topic.

You can then use that to generate trusted leads for your business.

The Power of Exclusive Leads

There are dozens of ways to generate leads for your business. Most of them cost money, but few deliver results.

If you want to get exclusive leads, use some of the methods listed in this article. Remember that the best way to convert a trusted lead to a sale is to provide value.

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