How to be a Savvy Shopper

How to be a Savvy Shopper
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For some people, shopping is much more of an experience to be shared with friends, family and loved ones (or even as a solo activity for relaxation purposes) than a chore. For others, shopping is just one of those needlessly stressful and incredibly annoying jobs which have to be checked off the list, no matter how time-stretched you are on that particular day.

What both groups can agree on, however, is that the more savvy you are as a shopper, the more money you will save – and the more money you save, the better.

Shop Around!

One of the most important things to remember when you are actively looking for ways to be more conscious of what you are buying and how much you are spending is to not concentrate on only one store each week.

Naturally, different superstores have different loss leaders and, therefore, (if you have the luxury of time of course and as long as you live in an area with more than one shop), taking the time to shop around and look for the best deals is definitely the way forward.

Check Online First

When you are writing your weekly grocery shopping list, for example, if you sit down with your laptop, table or even your smartphone, you can not only compare deals on a certain item you are needing, but search for the best value too.

This tip is especially important to remember when you need to replace a larger and more expensive item, such as your washer dryer or oven and reading reviews under the listing of the product will also help inform your decision. The internet, despite several flaws, is one of the best tools to aid your money saving quest.

Search for Coupons

The world of couponing is not just an excellent way to concentrate on saving money week in week out, but for some people it is actually, believe it or not, a full-time job.

Coupons and special in-store only deals are especially effective when you are after a particular item. For example, if you manage to get hold of a home depot coupon code, you will benefit from substantial amounts of money off everything from smoke detectors to lawnmowers.

Visit Stores at Closing Time

When it comes to fresh produce, most supermarkets and smaller, more local stores as well, tend to reduce their fresh foods, especially those items which are refrigerated, at the end of the day.

If you have the fridge freezer space, purchasing these items and freezing them, only bringing them out of the freezer to defrost will simultaneously help you plan your family meals, but save money on everyday foodstuffs.

Bulk buy Necessities

Finally, the general rule with savings, especially on disposable things such as diapers and toilet rolls, the more you buy at once, the cheaper the product overall.

When it comes to things you and the rest of the family use on a regular basis and know you will continue to need and use for many months and even years, bulk buying is not only a fantastic way to save money but is also considerably more convenient if you have the storage space.

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