How to Choose the Best Financial Advisor in the UK ?

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Controlling our finances is a pretty crucial aspect of our lives. And it is not only because we need to manage our daily expenses, but also need to plan our insurance oriented requirements, taxation matters & also plan for retirement. But, most of us tend to ignore our finances either as we don’t have sufficient knowledge or are difficult pressed for time. And that’s why it is pretty essential to have a professional financial advisor who can easily sort out each and every financial matter & also help you satisfy all your long-term & short-term goals. Well, here are top 3 tips that can be fruitful for you to select a financial planner who is the best bet for you.


The very first thing to verify is whether the financial advisor has all the necessary qualifications & credentials. Well, a financial planner must have enough knowledge on the topic. In order to begin with, your financial planner must be a SEBI registered investment advisor. And as far as the degree & qualifications are concerned, the certification provided by the Financial Planning Standards Board is an approved qualification that is in line with the global benchmark. And the CFP certification is another thing to check out for, though this isn’t necessary since any Financial expert & people from related professions can be financial planners. You can also go through our Debt Management Plan here.


2. Look at the fee structure

Always keep in mind that financial advice doesn’t come for free at all! A good reliable as well as reputed planner will charge a fee for their services. And in case a financial adviser isn’t charging any fee, he or she will be depending on commissions & might be biased in his or her recommendations. Generally, financial planners charge a flat fee, while some may charge a fee based on a percentage of the assets they’re handling. Therefore, before committing anything, make sure you sit with your financial advisor & discuss each and every aspect related to the fee structure. Well, a reputed financial advisor can charge you anything between ten thousand to twenty thousand per year.


And in case of the small portfolios, it’s always better to opt with a periodic fee structure in order to pay your financial advisor instead of a lump sum annual fee.


3. Look for experience

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to selecting a Financial Advisor UK, make sure you hire the one who has seen serving this industry for a long time and has all the required knowledge of how different assets have behaved during these periods. And such experience helps to stand you in good stead. Therefore, make sure you opt for a financial advisor who has more than 7 years of experience in the same industry.


The main role of a Financial Advisor is to control money by assessing the risk, determining¬† the macroeconomics, & paying attention to further growth. In general, it’s a multi-faceted role. Therefore, experience counts more than a single factor in selecting the most reliable as well as trustworthy financial advisor. Checkout our 123 debt management to learn more!

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