3 Pro Tips for Sending Mass Emails

sending mass emails
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When creating and sending mass emails, you want to generate leads, increase sales, and grow the business. Mass emails are a powerful sales and marketing tactic that, when performed the right way, works wonders. The challenge is where to begin.

Recent statistics show that 81% of small businesses depend on email marketing to find their customers. Also, for every dollar that a company spends on email marketing, they generate $42.

Another recent study stated that 44% of consumers watch their email for a discount or deal, and 60% report that because of a promotional email, they made a purchase.

If you know how to send emails like a boss, you can unlock plenty of new avenues of revenue. We want to help you increase ROI with these three mass emailing tips, so let’s get to it so you can start emailing.

1. Timing is Everything

A common issue for someone new to mass emailing is that they have a message and design approved, so they hit the send button. Stop right here.

Before you hit send, you must consider the best time of day and the best day of the week to send it. Many people figure that Monday through Wednesday during lunchtime is good, and yes, that can be effective. Although, really, it depends on your business.

You will want to do some research for the most strategic time for sending mass emails for your business. Let’s say that you have a retail store, whether it is online or a brick and mortar, and you know your busiest shopping day is Sunday. It would be a good idea to email early Sunday morning to generate the best impact.

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2. A Catchy Subject Line

The most important detail to make sure that people open and view your mass email is by giving them a fabulous subject line. It must be something that makes them want to click and learn more.

You can have an amazing email with a spectacular message and offer, but if you have a boring subject line, you risk your email going to the trash can. You must entice your audience and pull them in, hook, line, and sinker.

3. Short and Relatable

When someone opens your email, you want the message to be brief. Remember that even when checking email, especially on a mobile device, people are busy and doing other things.

Someone could really be interested in what your mass email says, but they are limited on time, so they could file it for later and never come back to it. That’s why it is imperative to keep it short.

To that extent, while short, it must also be relatable. Think about it, what emails do you open and read? What has led you to become someone’s new customer?

You look for something that you want or need, so it must relate to your life. It is the same way with anyone else. They will read your mass email if it is something that truly relates to their life.

Three Tips for Sending Mass Emails

And there you have it. When sending mass emails, schedule it at the right time with a catchy subject line and a short, relatable message for superb ROI.

We hope this will drive lots of leads for you soon. For more great tips to grow your business, stop by again soon and read more of our timely articles.

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