Suffering From Smelly Feet? Learn The Causes

Suffering From Smelly Feet? Learn The Causes
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What happens when you open your shoes or open your socks, especially after an entire day in the office? Do people around you move away the moment you open your shoes? Does your sock smell throughout the day? if you are suffering from stinky feet, we have a solution for you. But before you get into the solution, it is necessary to figure out the actual causes of your problem. Once you know the causes it will be easier for you to determine the plan of treatment.

Generally, the problem of smelly feet or stinky feet in medical terms is known as bromodosis. This is a common problem that occurs in at least 7 out of 10 people. The ones who are most affected by bromodosis are those who wear shoes the whole day, especially working professionals. Unfortunately, most people ignore this, thinking that having a smelly foot is common. They think that the emergence of this unwanted smell or bad odor in their feet is due to the sock and its material.

In reality, there is some medical science connected to smelly feet. Would you want to learn more about smell feet? If so, then read this blog till the end.

Causes of smelly feet

Whenever you suffer from a disease or an illness, it is essential to figure out its causes first. This will help you to eliminate the problem from the root. Similarly, you have a smelly foot because your feet sweat much more than they should. In your body, your feet have the maximum number of sweat glands. Just like the function of any other sweat glands, these glands in your feet also release sweat. Since these sweat glands in the feet eliminate sweat throughout the day, your skin on the feet has moisture and smells more.

What’ll happen if these sweat glands do not function on your feet? Well, the primary function of these sweat glands in your feet is to release sweat to keep your body cool. Although everyone has sweat glands that release sweat, the ones most prone to having sweaty feet are pregnant women and teenagers. This is because both during pregnancy and puberty, the body undergoes a lot of changes in terms of hormones. In these two phases, the human body produces more hormones and releases more sweat.

Another category of people who are always at work or have had a medical condition or are under a lot of stress suffer from more sweat production from their feet. If you have a habit of being on your feet the whole day or if your profession demands you to do so, you tend to have a sweatier foot than the ones who do not stand on their feet.

Besides, you will always find some bacteria on your feet. With the release of the sweat, the bacteria break down the sweat. Due to the combination of this sweat and bacteria, you get a lot of bad odors on your feet. In addition, when some extra bacteria attack your feet, the smell increases. More bacteria get into your feet when you have a habit of removing your shoes and putting them on again. This does not allow your feet to dry up completely. As a result, the bad smell is much more than usual.

Another potential cause of bromodosis is poor hygiene. When you do not wash your feet frequently, the bacteria and dirt remain stuck in your feet. Also, not changing your socks at regular intervals can lead to bromodosis. If you sweat more, make sure to change your socks every day. Otherwise, you can change it on alternate days.

How to get rid of smelly feet?

Do your smelly feet make you land up in a doctor’s chamber? Well, generally bromodosis is not a serious condition until it turns up into a skin condition and you develop some rashes. You can manage bromodosis at home. To get rid of your smelly feet, here are some home remedies that you can follow:

  1. Antibiotic ointment

One of the best ways to fight back smelly feet is to use an antibiotic ointment on your feet. Since the bad smell on your feet occurs due to the attack of bacteria, an antibiotic ointment will work well. To make the moisture get absorbed and dried, you can use an antibiotic powder as well. Before going to bed, apply the ointment or powder on your feet and go off to sleep.

  1. Lavender oil

Amongst all the essential oils, lavender oil is useful as it promotes healing. Besides, its wonderful aroma helps to reduce bad odor. You can create a foot scrub and add a few drops of lavender oil to it. To create this scrub, you can take rice flour, a pinch of turmeric, some milk, gram flour, lemon juice, and a few drops of rice flour to create a thick paste. Now, apply the paste on your feet and keep on scrubbing gently.

  1. Vinegar foot soak

You can utilize the weekend to create a relaxing foot soak that will benefit you in two ways – eliminate the bad odor from your feet and help you relax well. To create this foot soak, take warm water and pour it into your foot basin. Now, add one-third cup of apple cider vinegar into the foot basin. Soak your feet into this solution for 15 to 30 minutes. You will soon notice the dead cells of your feet loosen and come off. Now, you can use a pumice stone to gently scrub your feet and eliminate the dead cells.

  1. Wear moisture-wicking socks

If you have to wear socks every day, be careful about the kind of socks you are wearing. For people who suffer from bromodosis, an ideal solution in terms of socks is to put on moisture-wicking ones. These pairs of socks are made up of soft cotton and can absorb the sweat produced in your feet.


Therefore, bromodosis is a genuine condition and can worsen if you leave it untreated for a long time. if you are suffering from smelly feet, you can undertake any one of the home remedies and give it a try. For medical attention and advice, you can go through this blog or book a doctors appointment.

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