The Consequences of Using Crypto PR vs. Using Traditional PR

The Consequences of Using Crypto PR vs. Using Traditional PR
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Most crypto and blockchain firms struggle with public relations. This isn’t a new concept. Jemima Kelly, a columnist for the Financial Times, recently detailed what a corporation needs to do to market its coin. The company was established in Ukraine. According to the company’s official announcement, ASKfm opted to start their crowd sales by depositing 500,000 of their tokens at the summit of Mount Everest “for those who are brave enough to venture to the mountains.”

Thankfully, and in due time, no one was foolish enough to take that risk, but it appears that wasn’t the goal in the first place. According to the investigation, the Ukrainian firm sent a team to the world’s highest mountain to place a token cache. Their public relations strategies, on the other hand, were not as effective as the industry claims.

When descending after placing the tokens, the squad ran into terrible weather. At 7,000 meters, the expedition got stuck, with no means of communication and no oxygen. On the second day, the squad had to be evacuated by local air rescue, but the worst was yet to come. One of their guides had gone missing, and the location of his body was discovered later that day. His death was later confirmed by local authorities, turning a botched crypto fraud into something considerably more mysterious than anyone could have expected.

The activities that resulted in a man’s death did not appear to be sufficient to cause the Ukrainian company to flee and hide beneath a rock. To generate attention, the corporation claimed, “ASKfm kicks off a new prank – this time without killing a guide.” ASKfm isn’t the only one attempting to get media attention.

It’s an unintended consequence of the ban on crypto and blockchain commercials, or the latter’s ability to circumvent current advertising regulations. Blockchain and crypto firms and enterprises, on the other hand, frequently do the inconceivable to attract chances, cash, leads, and visitors. The following cringe-worthy undertakings, which the industry is now seeking to forget, back up this claim.

Kim and Dennis Rodman

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman was once hired by Potcoin to travel to North Korea and pose as an unofficial observer for the dictator’s meeting with Donald Trump.

Mao Has Returned!

At a blockchain conference in China, an actor dressed as Mao Zedong, China’s most admired and influential communist leader, appeared. The use of photographs of former and present Chinese leaders in national broadcasts and advertisements is prohibited by Chinese law, which is why the occurrence drew widespread condemnation on social media.  Making people angry isn’t the best method to persuade them to use your products.

You can see me at times (and not at others).

Savedroid’s official website and social media pages were suddenly removed, with a South Park meme replacing them. What is the goal? To promote awareness of the dangers and risks associated with bitcoin scams. The investors were not amused at all.

How to take action?

It’s just another example of blockchain public relations gone wrong, as seen in the examples above. Of course, the fact that both companies face the most frequent challenge that blockchain and crypto entrepreneurs face when trying to get media attention is a significant factor. But there’s more to it. But there’s more to it.

When it comes to producing worthwhile and scalable Blockchain PR, it’s all about clarity and smart thought. With a renewed focus on a PR strategy, you can assist. So, how can crypto businesses still spread the good news and reach new customers in the face of such uncertainty?

Focus on the fundamentals

You must be able to communicate information about your crypto firm with the rest of the world as a crypto startup. We are aware of the situation. You want to make the front pages of major newspapers no matter what, just like your forefathers; however, this is not a sensible strategy. To begin, you must understand what is driving all of the other organizations’ PR accomplishments, which requires going back to basics.

Many of today’s public relations and marketing best practices still apply, despite the unique hurdles that crypto and blockchain enterprises face: is your website appealing and easy to navigate? Is your brand consistent with the message you’re attempting to convey? Are you able to explain your mission and vision to others who aren’t involved in these fields? Have you figured out who your target audience is?

You must have a comprehensive understanding of your company, industry, and target market. The perfect crypto public relations campaign will focus on creating your voice and brand. A professional Crypto PR agency that handles all of your public relations for you.

Build Your Content

Being a new company in a relatively new industry is difficult, especially when the media is still trying to grasp the notion.

One of the first things you can do to improve the content on your website is to write a white paper. This should cover all of the basics, such as prices, contracts, and legal issues, as well as create a specific foundation for your abstract purpose and vision—how you want to impact the crypto industry.

Instead of utilizing jargon in your materials, try to describe intricate procedures in a straightforward manner. Once again, clarity is critical. By appealing to both savvy and naïve viewers in this way, you will maintain your credibility.

Your material will almost certainly help you connect with journalists, influencers, bloggers, and publishers. They’re all looking for experts who can speak authoritatively about cryptocurrency, don’t forget.

Media Relations

Getting in touch with the media is a great method to get the word out about your ICO or crypto firm. Examine how other companies have used thought leadership blogs, guest posts or articles, websites, press releases, and other strategies to raise awareness. Getting the media’s attention is an art, which is why you must understand exactly how to make your firm and proposals useful and convincing. You can even employ a Fintech ad to handle all of the legwork for you to establish suitable media connections.

So, before you start emailing every major publication you come across telling them how awesome your startup is and why they should contact you, take a step back and review our Pitching To Journalists Toolkit, which will walk you through exactly what kind of email you should send to get a busy journalist’s attention.

A Final Thought

Even if digital advertising is prohibited, attending events, conferences, and networking activities can help your blockchain and cryptocurrency company acquire visibility and media coverage. You’ll have access to folks in the crypto community who are making news, as well as investors.

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