The Latest Video Content Trends That You Should Know About in 2022

video content trends
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Around 49% of people watch at least five videos a day, which shows how popular this form of marketing is.

Familiarizing yourself with the latest video content trends is a great way to stand out from competitors and garner a huge amount of interest. But, if you’re unfamiliar with the world of video marketing, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn the top trends of the year and are searching for inspiration.

Sounds like you? No worries, that’s why we’re here. Here are the video content trends you should know about in 2022.

Shoppable Videos

One of the top innovative marketing trends is shoppable videos. As the name suggests, this is where viewers can click through a video and browse through products, which is great if you’ve recently posted about your latest product launch. It also means you can upload these videos onto social media platforms like Instagram to generate leads.

User-Generated Content

You needn’t always post long form videos to push your brand’s message. In fact, consumers trust user-generated content the most because it shows that they trust the brand, which helps drive sales. The beauty is you can publicize these on your social media platforms to raise brand awareness, making it a win-win!


It’s no surprise that vlogs make killer content. This style of video gives consumers insight into your brand, whether you’re uploading a behind-the-scenes vlog or teaching viewers how to use your products. Note, you shouldn’t always push products during these videos; instead, vlogs should humanize your brand so viewers connect with you.

And, if you want to make a splash with your videography skills, invest in a greaseless cam follower to produce the best shots.

AR and VR Video Content

Short form videos have had a recent evolution, thanks to the rise of AR and VR technology. This lets you improve the user experience and leave a lasting impression on the viewer, especially if it’s relevant to your industry. For instance, you’ll notice real estate and retail companies use AR and VR videos to pique their viewers’ interest.


Arguably, live streams make the best video content for businesses, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have harnessed the power of livestreaming to connect with their audiences in real time. This is a great way to host a virtual event and even engage with your viewers by answering questions or keeping them updated with your company’s latest news. Plus, most social media platforms support these features, so tech newbies needn’t worry.

Try These Video Content Trends Today

Hopefully, you’ll experiment with these video content trends and get your desired results.

There are many great types of video content to try, such as posting shoppable videos or encouraging viewers to upload user-generated content. You should also regularly vlog about your business or post about live streams to drive sales. Good luck!

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