Warforged- Dungeons And Dragons

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Today I’d like to talk about Warforged names, their history and lore within the world of Eberron. Warforged are great, big magical robotic golems. They’re fun, interesting, and mysterious. It’s easy to see why they get imported into peoples homebrew games.

Living mechanical constructs, beings built for war that somehow have a unique soul giving them meaning in the world. Let’s dive in. Warforged were created to support the Last War. They were originally beings of destruction and violence.

They represent the greatest technological and magical achievements of the Last War. A sentient race crafted through magical means. Apparently these mechanical creatures were invented long ago, even before the Last War but the breakthrough was giving them true intelligence.

They were able to rationalize a situation, and respond as a sentient intelligent creature would. Created by House Cannith during the Last Warin 965 YK. Now within the five nations are various dragon marked houses.

The members of said house are well known for the innovation and advancements in technology. Not only did they create the warforged but the lightning rails as well. During the Last War House Cannith stood ready to become and arms supplier to the nations of Khorvaire.

They amassed a great fortune of wealth and gained a bit of political power from selling not only warforged but other technological slash magical weapons to the five nations. The nations became so dependant on House Cannith’sinventions that Cannith was able to influence decisions made by these nations.

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Warforged each have unique personality traits. They learn quickly especially in their infancy. Not that you’ll see any warforged babies,they come pre-built and do not grow. However in the first few years of their life they learn incredibly fast and pick up new skills quickly. They experience anger, pain, fear, and hatred just like their human creators.

Having no need to eat, drink, or sleep warforged come with an almost unending supply of patience. Yet are accustomed, or perhaps built rather,to receive orders. If they are left without purpose they can become anxious. A warforged without orders or a task will often create one for itself.

Some warforged will patrol, keep watch, and some are crafters banging away with hammer and anvil to create new armor and weapons;or even tools for themselves. They come from the creation forges with a rudimentary language and basic knowledge.

During the war it would be this point that they immediately would start learning how to be soldiers in the War. Warforged after the war might not have gone through this process and perhaps were pushed into other fields of study. Making your Warforged Druid a possibility in Eberron. Warforged are made of metal, stone, and wood.

They have a skeletal frame made of metal and stone. Wood fibers run across their body acting as muscle. Then a shell of metal or perhaps stone plates cover their bodies. Inside this muscular system is an intricate network of tubes that run through the warforged body.

There is a life force fluid that is designed to lubricate and nourish their systems, almost like blood. They are sex-less and are considered to bemono-gender. Mentioned earlier they have emotions, most of that is hidden behind an expressionless face.

However their eyes will glow at various shades giving insight to their true feelings about a situation. Nobody knows how long a warforged will live. Construction stopped after the Last War ended. With facilities that create warforged dismantled there won’t be anymore The oldest warforged would be around 33, if playing in the campaign starting year of 998 YK.

With the youngest being around 2. Warforged could live forever, or they might have a finite amount of time on Eberron, no-one is sure and only time will tell. At the time the warforged were property. But with their sentience and the war being over it was decided that the warforged could be their own people, and have certain rights.

No longer slaves some see this as a danger and most warforged are seen as outsiders. Despite the warforged peaceful nature theyare still a symbol of a dark past. Some people see the warforged as simple machines and for them to be used as such. Especially in Karrnath with their undead armies the warforged were just a tool much like the undead.

Some citizens of Khorvaire are very prejudice to the warforged. And still some believe they should all bedis mantled, because, well the war is over and those machines of war shouldn’t be around. One warforged in particular is a threat to the people of Khorvaire. The Lord of Blades as he is known has sent out the call to all warforged to join him in overthrowing the other races of Eberron.

Some believe he was the last warforged ever created, yet others say he was the first. Some believe he is in actuality Bulwark, who was the warforged personal servant to King Boranel of Breland. Bulwark was there at the Treaty of Throneholdwhich put an end to the War, and set the warforged free but banned the creation of future warforged.

After that he mysterious disappeared. Some think he is dead, but one rumor is that after the treaty was signed Bulwark left for the Mourn land and started calling himself the Lord of Blades. Regardless if this is true there is a group of warforged living in the Mournl and that wish to dominate the other races. Despite the fear of the Mournland warforged everywhere have proven themselves as useful citizens to the five nations.

They’ve gone on to become more than soldiers. Some are bards, or wizards, and yet some have even discovered the faith of the Sovereign Host and become clerics or paladins. Although warforged are not brought up with religion, and one who takes this path has thought long and hard about the subject.

Not only making the choice to follow a deity but that deity in particular and what it represents. Did your warforged break away as a soldier to make a pact with a long sealed demon and become a warlock? Is your wizard warforged a computer and memorizes spells to be cast through wands attached to his forearms? There are some wonderful roleplay opportunities with warforged and creative people.

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