What Are Startup Companies?

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Not sure whether how much do you know about startups, but even if you don’t have much idea about it, then let us brief you about it. Startups are the young firms that are founded either by a solo entrepreneur or with the partnership. The main objective behind these startup companies is to launch a newbie idea about a service or a product to the market. As per its nature, it is erected with the co-operation of funding support from family or friends.

One of the major tasks to be achieved by startup companies is accumulating ample funding for their product development. For that, they need to be convincing about their new idea, and must not match old or common. The journey of a startup is not so easy, as many startup companies fail to make a mark in their infant period. We all are familiar with Bill Gates, Ray Kroc, and Henry Ford. All of them are a perfect example of successful entrepreneurs that founded their startups, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and Ford Motors. 

Funding: The Biggest Challenge For Startup Companies

During the initial days, startup companies are left with very minimum revenue or nothing. Now, this becomes a big challenge for them. For that, they depend on loans from regular funding sources like local banks, small business administration, non-profit organizations, credit unions, and state governments.

Some incubators are of much help for startup companies in providing seed funding, office space, and even giving them correct directions. These incubators are linked with non-profits and business schools. However, now with platforms like Startup Paisa, there can be no funding woes faced by any startups. It is because this platform helps in finding the angel investors and venture capitalists. On the other Startup Paisa also help VCs and investors in shortlisting deserving startups that they are looking for and in return for a stake in them when they rise from the ground.

Investment In Promising Startups

The worth of startup companies depends on their newer approach and idea. Only then angel investors and venture capitalists express their interest to invest in them. Below are some examples of startup companies to invest in


It is one of the popular startup companies that deal in selling used cars online. Individuals who are willing to sell their old car just have to follow an easy process which is a matter of hardly one hour. In the case of inspection, users can refer to online estimation before proceeding with their idea of selling old cars to the branch of Cars24. With the passing of inspection, Cars24 brings the car and later the transfer of ownership, and the payment is concluded.


Listing another name in the list of startup companies to invest in is Rivigo. It is mainly a logistics company providing trustful and timely delivery regarding drivers’ quality of life. The digital trucking marketplace comprises multiple options like freight logistics and relay-led trucking for the optimization of results of shippers and fleet operators.


These are some of the best startup companies to invest in. But there are more companies to browse if you are keen on investing in them. Platforms like Startup Paisa has come as a voice for startup-ecosystem. It is a reliable platform that all startups can bank on it. This platform serves two-way help. At one point, it helps a startup business in seed funding by finding the angel investors or venture capitalists via crowdfunding. And on the other side, it helps investors and venture capitalists in shortlisting the deserving and promising startups to invest in. Bet on it and see the result yourself.

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