What Are the Greatest Public Speaking Tips?

public speaking tips
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About 75% of the population fears public speaking. Learning how to conquer your public speaking anxiety could help you make strides in your career. Practice and preparation can help you become one of the best public speakers around.

Here are a few public speaking tips you can use to sharpen your skill set. Read on to conquer your anxiety today!

Understand Expectations

Learn as much as you can about the event ahead of time. For example:

  • Location
  • Time you’re speaking
  • Technical set up
  • Topics to include/avoid
  • Type of presentation

Gathering this information ahead of time will help you create a presentation that aligns with the event’s goals. Otherwise, your speech might not resonate with your audience.

Remember, preparation is key to a successful event and to conquering your anxiety. You can avoid any logistical or technical issues that would otherwise add to your existing stress.

Know Your Audience

As you gather information about the event, look into your audience. Determine their general level of knowledge ahead of time. Otherwise, you could unintentionally talk down to or confuse your audience.

You don’t want to bore them with information they already know. However, you don’t want to overwhelm them with technical jargon, either.

Consider why the audience is at the event. What information are they looking for? Communicate your experience and expertise by providing them with the insights they want.

Structure Your Speech

Plan your speech ahead of time. If your words or speech’s structure is a mess, people won’t remember what you’ve said. It could add to your nerves, too.

Prepare an outline instead of writing out your speech word for word.  Don’t rely too much on your slides for text. Instead, use your slides to display visuals that complement your speech.

Try memorizing your first and last lines. You can start and end your speech strongly while giving yourself space for improvisation.


Practice over and over until your speech has a rhythm. Practicing in front of a friend or family members can also help you identify areas for improvement.

Practicing can help reduce your public speaking anxiety and help you feel more confident.

Consider learning the power of business storytelling to stand out as a public speaker. Training sessions can help ensure you engage your audience at any event.

Get Feedback

The best public speakers learn from their past mistakes. Gather feedback from your beta audience before the event.

Ask them if each point is clear. Determine what areas or phrases confuse them.

Record one of your practice sessions to review it yourself.

Start Using These Public Speaking Tips

Want to feel successful the next time you have to speak before a group? Start using these public speaking tips to practice and prepare. In time, speaking in public will become second nature.

Ease your public speaking anxiety today.

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