Window Not Staying Up? 4 Key Ways to Troubleshoot It

window not staying up
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Durable windows and doors will stand the test of time. But they will only remain in such a state if you maintain them.

A big maintenance task is how to troubleshoot a window not staying up. Windows come with multiple moving parts that are prone to break down over the years-wondering how to repair a stay-up window?

Here’s some information on 4 troubleshooting tips.

1. Check the Window Balance

If your window doesn’t stay up, one of the primary actions to take is to check the window balance. This means verifying the window is counterbalanced enough to remain open without additional objects. A faulty sash weight or chain causes it.

The first step is to remove the window sash and identify weights that could affect the balance of the window. Once they are located, inspect them to check if they are worn or broken.

Often they need to be replaced if damage is found. It is important to replace them with weights matched to the original specifications for optimal balancing. If you are not sure about checking the window balance, you may get help from a window inspection company.

2. Clean the Window Tracks

Dirt and debris can accumulate in the window tracks over time, making it difficult for the window to stay in place. To clean the window tracks, you must locate the screws or other fasteners that hold the window in place and then remove them.

Then, use a small brush or vacuum to remove any dirt or debris stuck in the tracks. If necessary, remove the window from the frame and clean the tracks thoroughly, reinserting the window once you are done.

3. Tighten or Replace Window Hardware

Start by checking the screws; if they are loose, simply tighten them. You may need a screwdriver or cordless drill for this depending on what you are working with. If the screws are rusted or broken, then you will need to replace them.

Home improvement stores have a variety of types of screws, hinges, and other window hardware. Once everything is tightened and/or replaced, test the window to make sure that it is staying up.

4. Address Balance Spring Issues

Balance springs are a vital component in window mechanics. They help the window stay open by counterbalancing its weight. If the balance springs are damaged, the window won’t stay up.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to open up the frame and inspect the balance springs for signs of damage. If they are damaged, you can replace them with new ones or try to repair them.

Another option is to use a metal window support bracket to redistribute the weight of the window frame along the window, allowing it to stay open. Also, you can adjust the tension of the balance springs to make the window easier to raise and hold open.

Taking the time to address the balance spring issue can be a great way to fix an annoying window not staying up the issue.

Window Not Staying Up: Learn to Handle These Concerns

In conclusion, troubleshooting issues with a window not staying up can be easily fixed. To ensure your window problem is fixed, regularly examine and check the hinged parts of the window, especially during the summer when windows are getting more use.

Don’t let the heat and humidity ruin your windows – follow the guidelines in this article about how to fix windows that won’t stay up.

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