Worried About Falling Fixed Deposit Interest Rates? Invest In Bajaj Finance FD

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You can invest in different instruments according to your investment portfolio and financial goals. Equities, mutual funds, trading in stocks are some instruments that offer high returns but they do not assure complete safety of invested capital as your investment can be affected with the changing market conditions. 

Worried About Falling Fixed Deposit Interest Rates? Invest In Bajaj Finance FD

At the same time, the falling fixed deposit rates leave little option for those who are looking for risk-free investment options. However, you do not have to worry now as Bajaj Finance has come up with feature-packed FD plans that will allow you to grow your investment as swiftly and safely as before.

These are some key features that make these FDs beneficial for you:

Best FD rate 

Bajaj Finance FD is providing the best FD rates 2020 as you can get up to 7.35% FD interest rate on booking its FDs. 

Senior citizens get an extra 0.25% interest rate through which they can manage their expenses and save for the future easily. 

An additional 0.10% fixed interest rate is provided on opening an FD account online. An online FD form is provided on its portal through which you can initiate the process of account opening. 

Credibility and safety

Your deposited amount is safe here as your deposits are not market-linked directly. Besides that, reputed credit rating organizations such as CRISIL and ICRA have provided these FDs with high and stable credit ratings. 

This makes your Bajaj Finance FDs safe and credible even during these fluctuating market conditions and your invested capital is fully protected from the market-risks. 

Evaluating returns accurately 

Before locking-in your deposits in a high-paying FD, you would be quite curious in finding out how to calculate FD interest to know the final returns that you can expect to receive post maturity. You can visit the official portal of your financier and use the FD calculator that calculates the interest and final returns accurately. You can also use this calculator to compare different FD plans based on their tenor, FD type, amount, etc.

Reinvesting returns with Cumulative FD

With Bajaj Finance Cumulative FD, you can reinvest your quarterly returns and take the entire payout (principal + interest earnings) upon maturity. This will help you receive a higher maturity amount due to the compounding effect.

Systematic Deposit Plan 

If you do not want to invest all your savings in one go then you can do it in a disciplined way by depositing in an SDP i.e. Systematic Deposit Plan. This plan allows you to start depositing a fixed amount every month that can be Rs. 5000 or higher as per your requirements. 

You can continue to deposit the same amount up to 48 months (minimum duration is 6 months) and each of these deposits can be locked-in up to 60 months as per your convenience and financial obligations. 

You start receiving the interest along with the deposited amount in the consecutive months once the maturity period is completed. The deposited amount will attract interest as per the interest rate that was prevailing on the deposit date. 

Hence, you can now avail of the benefits of an FD without a huge investment capital as well. You can also calculate the returns with the help of an SDP calculator.

The reduced bank FD interest rate has been one of the most speculated and debated events among the investors these days. If you do not want to face the brunt of the falling fixed deposit interest rates, you can invest in Bajaj Finance FDs that can provide you interest rates up to 7.35%. You can also predict your interest earnings and returns with the help of an FD rate calculator or you can invest in an SDP to receive the benefits of FD with a minimum deposit amount of Rs. 5000. A dedicated SDP calculator will help you understand the returns from your SDP investment.

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