5 Common Shoe Purchasing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The footwear industry will surpass $530 billion in the coming years. This means you have no shortage of options when trying to buy a quality pair of sneakers, heels, boots, and other shoes.

There are some common shoe purchasing mistakes that people make when buying shoes online and in person. Avoiding these mistakes can help you get the best shoes for the best price.

Here are five mistakes that can hinder progress when buying shoes.

1. Not Price Comparing Between Shoe Outlets

There are all sorts of different types of shoes on the market, so comparing shoe prices can help you explore. Shopping between two or three different retailers can be the difference between several dollars.

Check into discounts and promotions as well, as this can save you some substantial money while still getting brand-new shoes. Many shoe retailers offer loyalty rewards programs that can let you use points to reduce the price.

2. Getting the Wrong Shoe Size

Always know what size you wear when you’re shopping for shoes. There are several different shoe sizes available, and people often shop blindly without knowing the most comfortable size for them.

Knowing your size is particularly important because shoe sizes run differently depending on the manufacturer. Check to see if the manufacturer has a shoe size chart for your reference. This lets you measure your foot to know for sure which size is ideal for you.

3. Not Trying the Shoe On

There’s no substitute for actually trying the shoe on. Even when you think you have the right size, you should make sure your foot feels comfortable inside of it whenever possible.

Your shoe size might also change based on the width of your foot. In reading online reviews, you can get a feel for how the particular shoe you’re shopping for runs in terms of sizes.

Even if you’re buying shoes online, consider finding a version that you can try on at a brick-and-mortar store. For instance, you can get APEX shoes here after you’ve tried them on in person.

4. Failing to Explore Different Colorways

Take the time to explore the different colorways that are available for the shoe you’d like to buy. Upon each release, the manufacturer typically has two or three color options to go with it.

Exploring the different colors available will help you mix and match with your different outfits and branch out with your shoe tastes.

5. Forgetting About the Materials

Finally, take the time to explore the materials that the shoe is made from. The material dictates the level of comfort you will feel, along with how durable the shoe will be.

Knowing the material will also help you choose the right cleaning solution, brush, and understand the best way to maintain your shoes.

The Most Common Shoe Purchasing Mistakes

The tips above are helpful to anyone wanting to avoid the most common shoe purchasing mistakes. Use this information as you shop around with several different shoe companies online and in your area.

Start here and rely on us if you need to know more about shoes, fashion, and more.

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