8 Perfect Date Ideas

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Dinner and a movie. Netflix and chill. While these are fine date ideas once you’ve already tied the knot, they are so commonplace that your girl is likely to roll her eyes otherwise.

Date night is coming up. When you go on a date, you want to make this the sort of thing they remember forever. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut formula for the perfect date.

Barring anything spontaneous, we are here to help. Keep reading for eight clever ideas that are guaranteed to impress your date.

1. The Perfect Date Could Be Enjoying the Literature That You Love

There is no denying it: books smell amazing. There’s something about being in a library or a bookstore. You know every volume on the shelf contains a world of adventure and mystery.

Why not bring that adventure and mystery into your date night? Browse around, and share your interesting finds. You don’t necessarily have to purchase anything, and many bookstores will let you sit down to read.

Then, you can stop over at the bookstore’s coffee shop. Enjoy a cappuccino or latte as you discuss all the upcoming novels you’re looking forward to.

2. Dinner Date at a Cooking Class

If you’re looking to really impress your woman, then learn how to cook so she doesn’t have to. In fact, why not take a cooking class together? You both learn vital skills as well as how to work together and have fun in the process.

Cooking classes put your abilities to the test. Plus, it’s a fun night out with other couples. And if you’re hungry at the end, you can eat your creation.

Even if it turns out bad, there’s fun in that. The experience of getting everything so wrong could end up being one of your most cherished memories.

3. Take to the High Seas with the Dinner Cruise

Cruise lines offer affordable options that include food and accommodations. It’s often cheaper to go on a cruise for a few days compared to being landside for the same period of time. And if you want to avoid other people, you can arrange private dinner cruises.

Cruises are the trifecta of relaxation. You have food, the open sea, and your favorite person. Enjoy the sound of waves lapping against the side of the boat and the cry of the gulls.

Further, you can often enjoy riverside scenery depending on your cruise location. All around, it’s an excellent option no matter who you are.

4. See the Continental US with a Day Trip

If there is one thing the US is famous for, it is our highways. Armed with just a map and a sense of adventure, you can find many hidden small-town gems. It’s a great chance to experience natural beauty and get out of the house.

Bring along your hiking shoes just in case you decide to go for a spontaneous walk. Make sure you are stocked up with water and food, and you’re good to go. Keep a few dollars in your wallet to experience those odd dining experiences all the locals rave about.

5. Go to Slam Poetry Reading

Your first thought might be that slam poetry is kitsch. And you would be absolutely right. But sometimes it makes for a bizarrely fun couple’s experience.

The point is not to enjoy the poetry. The point is to do something out of your comfort zone that might make you laugh a little bit. Like many kitsch types of art, it’s one of those “experiences you need to have at least once.”

6. Hold Her Hand While Ice Skating

While dinner and a movie is a classic, many view them as lacking creativity and relatively unexciting. But ice skating, on the other hand, works well every time. For whatever reason, it continues to be the most romantic of date options.

Best of all, it’s not too expensive. For the same price as a good dinner, you can often ice skate for the rest of the evening. Then once you are tired out and cold, you can head out for food.

7. Snuggle a Dog or Feline at a Pet Café

If your date doesn’t like dogs or cats, then that is probably a red flag. And if they do, you have a guaranteed way to entertain them. Pet cafés let you cuddle with some cute furballs while you drink coffee.

In a pet café, you have plenty of options to choose from. And if you like a certain dog enough, the pet café may allow you to adopt them. It’s a win-win either way.

Got a date who hates cats, or dogs? There are cafés that cater to fans of one specific variety. If your girl is a cat lady, there are plenty of places where she can get loose fur all over her.

8. Go Bowling

Okay, we lied. There are far more classics than just ice skating and dinner and a movie. One of those American classics is going bowling.

Sure, bowling alleys these days are starting to feel like alleys themselves. But the point is to get the experience. Even if neither of you scores, you will both be laughing your butts off when you miss.

Plan a Great Date

The perfect date doesn’t need to be an expensive dinner at a five-star restaurant. In fact, there are plenty of cheap options that will create far more meaningful memories. Choose one of the above, and you are guaranteed to spend a night you will never forget.

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