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How to Submit Urine Specimen for Testing

A healthcare professional may need you to submit a urine specimen to a laboratory for testing. This is done so

Asian Best Cooking Sauces Diet and Fitness

Asian Best Cooking Sauces

There is a specific taste and aroma that you will always find in Asian food. The complex and umami flavors

Face Yoga Proven to Get Rid of Dark Circles Diet and Fitness

Face Yoga Proven to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Face Yoga is the science and practice of stimulating your facial muscles to improve blood flow to the face. Face

How Yoga Plays a Role in Body Fitness Diet and Fitness

How Yoga Plays a Role in Body Fitness?

Yoga is one of the best fitness exercises for the human body because it helps to lose fats. People love

How to Build Your Own Workout Routine Diet and Fitness

How to Build Your Own Workout Routine?

  Many of us live an increasingly sedentary lifestyle in the 21st century. However, there is a growing awareness about

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8 Tips by Dermat for Lighter Underarms

Struggling with dark underarms? Well, regular shaving, skin factors cause the underarm to turn darker than other parts of the

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Everything you need to know about pre-workout supplements

Supplements play a very vital role in shaping the body by offering healthy nutrition and protein content. Many people suffer

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7 Health Benefits of Adding Turmeric To Your Daily Diet – Infographic

According to research, turmeric has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Several

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Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle

Do you feel like a robot, getting up in the morning and doing the same thing every day? Has your

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Fryer

We all love French Fries, Nuggets, Samosas, Tikkis – anything that is deep-fried. Settling down with a plateful of these